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Calculate your loan

The calculation is preliminary. You will be provided with exact loan terms and conditions in one of the branches of the bank.
The total cost of consumer loan is calculated in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and includes the following (the calculation of the Full Loan Value may include all or certain types of the following payments):
Principal and interest payments;
Loan default risk insurance payments;
Payments for mortgage insurance;
Payments in favor of budget organizations;
The full loan value (FLV) shall be reflected on the website in %.
Submission date: 22.07.2022

Purpose of the loan:

  • purchase of passenger vehicles manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the secondary market (in compliance with requirements for the year of manufacture of the vehicle)
The minimum amount of the advance payment paid by the borrower:
  • At least 20% of the cost of the purchased vehicle
Loan granting procedure:
  • The loan is provided by transfer to the account of the company-commission agent, under the concluded cooperation agreements, after provision of security, executed in the prescribed manner and after the transfer by the Borrower of an advance payment for the vehicle
Type of security:
  • A pledge of a vehicle purchased, including at the expense of a loan,
  • credit risk insurance for the required period

Borrower's check list

How much income is required?
The monthly payment should not exceed 70% of income. If the income is insufficient, then you can arrange co-borrowers.

How many days will it take to process a loan application?
Consideration and response on granting or refusal of a loan is carried out within a few working days.

How is the loan repaid?
The loan is paid on a monthly payment, with a grace period of up to 2 months or without a grace period, by the annuity method.
Important!To qualify for a loan, you must be employed and have a stable income. An income statement can be obtained from the accounting department at your place of work, or the bank can independently obtain information about your income from integrated sources.

Loan agreement Comfy card
Size: 422.73 KB
Format: pdf
Information sheet
Size: 220.39 KB
Format: pdf

Prospective borrower requirements:
  • Borrower must be a Resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Borrower's credit history may not be negative
  • Borrower's Capital Adequacy is important (debt load may not be more than 70%). Co-borrowers are allowed in case of inadequate income
  • Borrower has to have a continuous source of income over the past six months
  • original passport;
  • deposit agreement;
  • availability of permanent income.

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