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The cost of 1 sq.m. in RD Qorasaroy 2 stage of construction, is as follows:

Blocks B, B*, C:
  • 1st floor - 6 500 000,00 sum
  • 2nd floor - 6 500 000,00 sum
  • 3rd floor - 6 370 000,00 sum
  • 4th floor - 6 240 000,00 sum
  • 5th floor -6 110 000,00 sum
  • 6th floor - 5 980 000,00 sum
  • 7th floor (duplex apartment) - 4 000 000 sum
Block A:
  • 2nd floor - 7 800 000,00 sum
  • 3rd floor - 7 670 000,00 sum
  • 4th floor - 7 540 000,00 sum
  • 5th floor - 7 410 000,00 sum
  • 6th floor - 7 280 000,00 sum
  • 7th floor (duplex apartment)- 4 500 000 sum
Block A is different from other blocks in that it is equipped and arranged differently. Flat windows look at the central square in the middle of which will be a fountain and children’s playground.
  • passport original;
  • original of certificate of income that certifies the source of income (preferably for the last 12 months);
  • original of certificate issued by employer that indicate the duration of employment.
  • ITN;
  • INPS;
  • Residence certificate of family composition.
If there is mortgage Co-borrower then the same documents shall be provided according to the list.


  • The area of 2-room flat is from 66m2 to 79m2 (available options: 66, 74, 78, 79, 101)
  • of 3-room flat is from 106 m2 to 123m2 (available options: 106, 118, 123)
  • of 4-room flat is from 110 m2 to 136 m2
  • of 1-room flat 58 m2

Payment options:

  • Mortgage period up to 30 years, from 18% per annum;
  • Installments for 2 year at 18% per annum with 50% prepayment;
  • Interest-free installments up to 3 months;
  • 100% prepayment with 10% discount.

The condition in which the possession will be handed over:

  • Flats are handed over open-planned without installation of partition walls, doors, sanitary ware, flat improvement, furniture etc. There will be installed in purchased flat: contemporary plastic windows, heating radiators, entrance door, and the utility systems such: fiber optic internet, electricity, hot and cold water, gas supply, also will be installed gas and electricity metering devices. Flat walls will be plastered using beacons.
  • Buildings are constructed of ceramic brick applying monolithic concrete structures. The thickness of external walls is 1.5 bricks.
  • The buildings are designed to withstand over 8 magnitude earthquake by the Richter scale. RD Qorasaroy is situated in the area of maximum 8 points of seismic activity.
  • In RD Qorasaroy is provided with autonomous heating and hot water supply. For that autonomous boiler stations will be built.
  • Ceiling height on the 1 floor is 3.30m, on other floors - 3m.

The address of RD:

  • RD Qorasaroy is situated in Almazarskiy district at the territory of the former porcelain factory, Sagban str. 30, blind alley.

In the proximity of RD Qorasaroy the following metro stations are situated: Beruniy, Tinchlik, Chorsu.


  • The project report calls for a parking area near buildings in the territory of RD Qorasaroy

End of construction:

  • At the moment the second stage of RD Qorasaroy is being constructed, that consists of 4 (four) 7(seven)-storey buildings. (All the complex will be composed of 13 buildings). Scheduled end of the second stage of construction - October, 2018.

For further information to switch to the office (+99899 797 44 44)
Exact office address:
Office address: Almazarskiy district, Sagban str. 30, blind alley. Residential development Qorasaroy, 1 bldng, 1 floor, flat 17

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