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The calculation is preliminary. You will be provided with exact loan terms and conditions in one of the branches of the bank.
The consumer loan total cost is calculated in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and includes the following (all or individual types of the following payments may be included in the calculation of LTC):
Payments on principal and interest;
Loan repayment risk insurance payments;
The loan total cost (LTC) shall be reflected on the website in%.

Loans are provided for the purchase of goods/payment for services produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Loan term: up to 48 months.

The loan amount depends on the financial condition of the potential Borrower, the volume of his income and the source of repayment.

Repayment of principal and interest on the loan is carried out monthly, on the basis of the annuity schedule (equal payments).

As security, the pledge of funds, vehicles, special equipment, real estate is accepted, taking into account the discount in accordance with the Credit policy of the Bank is provided for an amount of not less than 125% of the amount of the loan.

Loans are provided by transferring funds to the account of the seller of goods/services.

Interest rate on the loan-depending on the selected loan product.
if the loan is secured on other collaterals (real estate, vehicle) – 33% per annum 1 year insurance policy

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  1. Individuals-residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. The age of 18 years.
  3. Adequacy of income.
  4. The place of residence of the client's presence in the region, the OJSCB "Kapitalbank".
  5. A positive credit history is welcome.

Documents Of The Borrower:

  • original passport;
  • original certificate confirming the source of income (preferably for the last 12 months);
  • original certificate from the employer with information about the duration of work;
  • TIN;
  • Of IPS;
  • a copy of the contract for the purchase of goods and/or payment services concluded with the producer or organization that implements a consumer goods and/or services produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan with the application copies of certificates for products, confirming that the goods produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Documents to ensure:

  • The pledge of the motor vehicle: the passport of mortgagor, the title to a motor vehicle report from an independent appraisal company;
  • Pledge of real estate: passport of the mortgagor, cadastral documents for real estate, report of an independent appraisal company, for notarization of the pledge agreement (mortgage) will also need a certificate from the cadastre.
    Are there any additional costs when applying for a loan?
    Additional costs when making a credit transaction with the provision of collateral for the property:
    Costs of collateral insurance for the entire loan term in accordance with the rates of the insurance company;
    Expenses in connection with the design of the loan security notarially (required for the pledge of the vehicle and/or real estate): the cost of payment of the state fee for the certification of the pledge agreement, the cost of notarial certification of documents, as well as the cost of other documents, in accordance with the tariffs of the authorized bodies.
    What transactions require notarization of the collateral agreement?
    According to the" Regulations on the procedure of registration of transactions with motor vehicles "Annex to the resolution of the CM of 07.03.2006 №38" Transactions with motor vehicles are subject to notarization by notaries "and"notaries certified contracts of alienation of motor vehicles are subject to registration in the bodies of the sbdd at the place of residence (location)".
    According to the law of Uzbekistan "on mortgage" 04.10.2006 G. n ZRU-58 "the contract on mortgage (pledge of real estate) must be notarized and subject to state registration".
    What are the rates of the state fee for the certification of the pledge agreement by notaries?
    The rate of the state fee for the certification of the pledge agreement by notaries - 0.1% of the amount of the contract, but not more than 50% of the minimum wage, including when you make a pledge of passenger vehicles of domestic and import production, the life of which does not exceed 1 year from the date of their acquisition. When you make a pledge agreement for several passenger vehicles, the duty is collected only from one machine, which must be collected a large amount of duty.
    Is it allowed to issue consumer loans in cash? 
    According to the law of Uzbekistan "on consumer credit" dated 06.05.2006 №ZRU-33 issue of financial consumer credit in cash is not allowed.
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