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AKB "Kapitalbank" provides the service of SMS-informing for individuals.


The service allows customers of JSCB "Kapitalbank" to receive information about accounts by means of SMS-requests. SMS banking services include:
  • Request account information (balance, account status date of last operation)
  • Request information about recent transactions.
Connection and use of SMS-informing service is FREE of charge. When sending SMS to number +998903265555 will be charged for sending SMS to mobile operator tariffs

How to use SMS-informing service?

Need to send SMS request with the phone number specified when the connection to the service, text the following number +998903265555

Text of SMS Request Information Example of SMS request Example of response to SMS request
B Account balance B 1 = 1000 USD
2 = 3792,65 SUM
(digits 1 and 2 are the account number, they are put instead of the letter n in the following examples)
Bn, where n=number of 1 or more Information about the number n B1 Account:20608440012345678001
Last tran.:16.12.2010
Tn, where n=a number of 1 or more the last six transactions on the account n T2 Last 6 transactions
10.11.10: 8800 SUM
22.11.10: -300 SUM
16.12.10: 1500 SUM

An example of the use of SMS-informing: The customer opened in the Bank "Kapitalbank" contribution in foreign currency in the amount of $ 1,000,the interest the Customer receives monthly in Sumy. When you open a Deposit he opened 2 accounts: currency and total.

Account balance.
To check the balances on these accounts, you need to send SMS with text B to +998903265555. In response to receive SMS: _____________________
1=1000 USD
2=3792,65 SUM.
This means that one account from him $ 1,000, and the second sum 3792 65 tiyin.
Detailed information about the account
To get information, for example, about the second account, you need to send an SMS with the text B2 to the number +998903265555 (number 2 means that the second account is interested). In response to receive SMS:_______________________________
Last tran.:23.02.2011
Balans: 3792,65
((in order are the Account, Bank branch Code, account Status, date of last operation, account Balance and Currency).
Information on recent transactions
To get information, for example, about the last six transactions on the second account, you need to send an SMS with the text t2 to the number +998903265555 (the number 2 also means that the second account is interested). In response to receive SMS: 
18.02.2011: 567.52 SUM
21.02.2011: 1702.56 SUM
22.02.2011: 567.52 SUM
23.02.2011: 567.52 SUM
The answer contains dates and amounts. Positive amounts-this means the receipt of the account, if the amount with a minus sign, it is a withdrawal from the account.

SMS-information for VISA cards

AKB "Kapitalbank" offers its clients - holders of Visa cards to take advantage of new service "SMS-informing" on a free basis.

This service allows you to inform the client about the transactions on the VISA plastic card in real time, also with the help of SMS-request you can get information about the balance of the card, a list of recent transactions, a list of registered cards. If necessary, the client is given the opportunity to lock/unlock the card by sending an appropriate SMS-request.


The format of the provision of services:

To activate / deactivate the service you need to apply to the Bank.

All information will be sent to the phone number specified in the application. Information requests, as well as requests to change the status of the card, must be sent from the registered number to the number: +99890 9652212

The list of possible requests is given below:
  • Bali-card balance request (in response, you will receive an SMS with information about the available balance on the card)
  • Msti - minilypse (a list of recent transactions made)
  • Usl-card lock
  • Usla-activation (card unlock)
  • Clist - list of cards connected to the service
If you want to receive information about the withdrawal of funds from your VISA card and be aware of the amount of the balance on it, like to make purchases, often go abroad, and want to protect yourself from fraud, then the service "SMS-informing" is for You

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