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SMS-information for VISA cards

AKB "Kapitalbank" offers its clients - holders of Visa cards to take advantage of new service "SMS-informing" on a free basis.

This service allows you to inform the client about the transactions on the VISA plastic card in real time, also with the help of SMS-request you can get information about the balance of the card, a list of recent transactions, a list of registered cards. If necessary, the client is given the opportunity to lock/unlock the card by sending an appropriate SMS-request.

The format of the provision of services:

To activate / deactivate the service you need to apply to the Bank.

All information will be sent to the phone number specified in the application.

If you want to receive information about the withdrawal of funds from your VISA card and be aware of the amount of the balance on it, like to make purchases, often go abroad, and want to protect yourself from fraud, then the service "SMS-informing" is for You

UZCARD SMS-informing for UZCARD plastic cards

The SMS-informing service for Uzcard plastic cards will allow you to:

  • monitor the status of your card account in a real time mode;
  • promptly respond if the account is used for transaction that you have not authorized;
  • receive notifications of expiry of the card;
  • receive notification of blocking/unblocking the card

The text of SMS-message* contains the following information in Latin transliteration:

  • type of authorization (Debit online (Debit online), Pokupka (Purchase), Popolnenie scheta (Account replenishment); Perevod c karti (Transfer from a card));
  • place of transaction (city, district, street, building);
  • date and time of the transaction (in хх.хх.ххх format);
  • the last four digits of the card number (karta***хххх);
  • amount and currency of the transaction - (UZS);
  • the amount of the available balance in the card account - (UZS).

Note to activation of the service:

You are required to activate the SMS-informing service in order to use E-commerce services including payment using payment instruments and/or remote banking. SMS-informing. The service is activated free of charge at any bank issued a plastic card or in infokiosk.

To connect SMS-informing in-service terminal:

  1. Insert the card into the card reader self-service terminal and select a language.lang.png
  2. Enter the pin code of the plastic card.pin.png
  3. In the main menu, select the "sms-informing" service.sms-info.png
  4. Activate the service "sms-informing".turn-on.png
  5. Specify the phone number to which the SMS messages will be sent in the international format without the "+" sign and click "Next" — the system will report on the success or failure of the service connection.telephone.png

SMS-informing service is not available:

  1. If the SMS-informing service is already activated in your card.
  2. If the SMS-informing service is not available in the bank that issued the card.

How to change the number for the SMS-informing service:

You can change the number for the SMS-informing service free of charge at any bank or infokiosk:

  1. Deactivate the SMS-informing service from the previous number where the procedure is the same as in activating the service.
  2. Activate the SMS-informing service in your new number.

When disabling the SMS-informing service from all cards, the subscriber does not receive the notification of successful disabling of the service!!!

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