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Visa Direct

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Western Union

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Asia Express

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The present era of speed and cutting-edge technology, unlike anything else, makes us appreciate our own time and efforts. To save yourself both time and efforts there is a sophisticated system of money transfers which enables to make the transfer process as convenient as possible.

As it often happens, our closed one who is for thousands of kilometers away from us, urgently needs our assistance... Financial assistance. The postal transfer of money used by our dads and moms, grandpas and grandmas hasn’t been satisfying our requirements for long because of the rapid speed of our life - sometimes, and quite often, a person simply cannot wait a week until he receives the money. And what if he is even in another country? The transfer of funds must be as quick and convenient as possible.

“Kapitalbank” JSCB for a few minutes will help to implement international money transfers virtually anywhere around the world. Our offices are located in the most convenient and accessible areas in Tashkent and regional centers.

You can choose a convenient type of money transfer service and find out more about our rates and charges. “Kapitalbank” JSCB guarantees you fast and secure delivery of your money.

Basic requirements to sending and receiving payments


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