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Consumer loans

Interest rate: 33%
Term: 48 months
Amount: up to 500 BCV
Credits are provided for the acquisition of goods / payment for services made in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
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Kapitalbank mortgage in Residential development (RD) Qorasaroy

Interest rate: 20%
Term: 10 years
Amount: up to 5000 BCV

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Mortgage loan «NEW HOUSE PLUS»

Term: 15 years

Purpose of the loan is to purchase an apartment in multi-story residential buildings on the primary market,

Lending in Kapitalbank

Live here and now

Do not depend on the availability of money at the moment and gives the opportunity to live here and now, without delaying the fulfillment of their desires for the future.

Wide spectrum

Kapitalbank provides a wide range of credit products to individuals. You can choose the most favorable loan conditions for you.

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Fill in and upload all necessary fields and documents for the application. Expect the consideration of your application in the personal cabinet (up to 5 days).
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